YouTube is Suppressing Dislikes On Joe Biden Videos By as Much as 600 Percent

A new website tracks the popularity of Joe Biden’s video channel – the same man who, while campaigning from his basement, destroyed all US records and earned 81 million votes in the 2020 election.
The website keeps track of Joe Biden’s White House YouTube channel. And after several weeks of data, we can prove that YouTube’s far-left is hiding dislikes for Joe Biden’s videos.

In fact, on every single Joe Biden White House video, the dislikes on the White House YouTube channel are altered!

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The following is evidence from the 81m.org website:


It is true that Biden received the most votes voted for a presidential candidate in the United States, with around 81 million votes cast.

— According to USA Today

A president with such a large following should have some genuinely amazing YouTube videos. Let’s keep track of things. I’m confident we won’t witness anything unusual, such as dislikes being tossed out in the wee hours of the morning.

Verifying the data’s accuracy I encourage visitors to this site, particularly reporters, to independently check the deletion phenomena. To do so, go to the official White House YouTube account and search for a recent video. Go to the video’s page by clicking on it.

Take a screenshot of your likes and dislikes, making sure the clock on your computer/phone is visible (example). Return to the page once each hour, refresh it to get the most recent totals, and take another screenshot. If you do that several times during the day, you’ll probably likely notice that YouTube deletes dislikes on a regular basis. When you come back the next day, you’ll notice that the deletions have continued. Finally, compare your screenshots to the video’s chart on 81m.org (based on the timestamp in each of your screenshots) to determine if the two data sources, your screenshots and my charts, agree on the official likes and dislikes.


My true likes and dislikes statistics are derived from all of the increases in likes and dislikes (but ignoring decreases). On each video page at 81m.org, you can check the math in the “Last… statistic” table. If you wish to conduct your own graphing, you can get the whole data on each page as CSV, TSV, or JSON files. Also, for videos in the comparison data, such as those by PewDiePie, my genuine likes and dislikes statistics nearly usually line up quite well.

Here are a few examples of how YouTube is deceiving its users and supporting Joe Biden.

On other videos, dislikes of Biden are suppressed by up to 600 percent on YouTube.

Do you believe they ever provided a similar benefit?

All downvotes on Joe Biden’s videos on YouTube are being deleted at a rate of up to 650 percent.

Biden receives only a few thousand people every video, according to the website.

This verifies what we already know to be true: the tech elites are deceiving the American population, and Joe Biden is unpopular.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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