YouTube Bans Trump – But Karma Did a Wonderful Thing

YouTube, the Google-owned video hosting website, has suspended Right Side Broadcasting Network for two weeks and removed all of its videos from former President Donald Trump’s speech at CPAC on February 28.

Right Side Broadcasting released the following statement:

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“It’s worth mentioning that our video of Trump’s CPAC speech would have been able to remain up if we had given ‘countervailing viewpoints,’ as per YouTube’s terms. They said, “Essentially, we would have had to go on the air and say everything Trump just said about election fraud is false.” “Even if we believed it, we wouldn’t sell out and claim it just to hold a video on the internet. We make an effort to obey the rules.

Don’t air those stuff that we would usually air—but we won’t censor President Trump or object to things he says that, very frankly, we agree with.”

“Our network doesn’t have much in the way of commentary. We essentially switch on a camera to show you what’s going on, then let you decide. People have the choice of watching it, not watching it, hating it, or loving it. That is what it means to be free. If that is no longer permitted, God help us,” RSBN wrote.

On Rumble, you can still watch Trump’s entire CPAC address on the website below:

YouTube Has Removed Trump’s CPAC Speech. So Here It Is, In Full…


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