You’re About to Agree With LeBron James For Real!

COVID is a favorite of the left.

They are, without a doubt. I know it sounds insane, but these people worship the virus and everything associated with it as though it were a “god.”

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They believe COVID actually defeated “Orange Man Bad,” and though they’re terrified of it, they’re grateful – it’s like having a Godzilla complex…

COVID is a “monster,” to be sure, but it’s the monster that killed the worst monster ever…

That, in my view, is their reasoning.

So, if anyone on the COVID plantation goes off the rails and doesn’t think or behave like the rest of the cultists, all hell breaks loose… And that’s exactly what’s going on with LeBron James right now.

From his most recent statement, it’s safe to assume he’s not vaccinated and has no intention of getting one.

LeBron violated NBA COVID protocol by attending an event with rap artist Drake, which began the whole thing.

According to ESPN, LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers was found to be in violation of the NBA’s health and safety protocols this week.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, James will not be suspended because the existence of the case did not pose a danger to virus transmission.

Prior to the Lakers’ play-in game against the Golden State Warriors, James was one of several high-profile guests at a promotional event for a tequila brand he supports.

Invitees, including recording artist Drake and actor Michael B. Jordan, were required to provide evidence of vaccination or a recent negative test result in order to attend the tequila pouring.

But it’s what he said about the COVID vaccine – and what he didn’t say about it – that has piqued people’s interest.

LeBron James gave a vague answer when asked if he took the shot. He said he’ll talk to his family about it and that it’s a private matter about which he won’t comment publicly.

These people are seriously mentally ill as a result of the infection and vaccination. None of this is typical of well-adjusted individuals.

But, obviously, as a self-declared spokesperson for the left, if LeBron were to take the shot, he’d tell us all – night and day.

He’s an insufferable know-it-all and gloater, and he’ll never stop bragging about it.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Russell, according to the article, have served as “group leaders” by voluntarily taking the vaccines first. However, statistics show that black Americans continue to take fewer doses than the national average.

Most of this is due to the systemic mistrust they still have for government.


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