You’ll Never Guess Who’s Meghan’s Political Consultatnt!

After admitting that she couldn’t be smooth and relaxed, has panic and nervous attacks from public events – she wants to be the next President?

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After she bought herself a title, dwelled into a pile of money, and became so famous just for being married to someone, she’s obviously out of tricks in her sleeve, since the Oprah interview didn’t go as she planned. Not even quite a little bit.

That’s why she also has the money to buy “positive people” around her, that are constantly approving, smiling, and saying yes to all of her capricious outbursts. She has zero self-awareness.

And that’s the true reason she seems clueless when coming out in public – she’s surrounded by “toxic people” who are saying exactly what she wants to hear, instead of how things are really going on…

Because she’s completely incapable of interacting with the public, getting in her senses.

Otherwise, why would she even possibly have this crazy wild thought to run for President in the upcoming 2024?!

And no – it’s absolutely not a rumor or some fake news…

Meghan Markle is allegedly knitting the net with some senior Democrats, to clear the pathway towards political success in the USA, and making her achieve what Hilary has tried – to become the first female President in the history of the states.

She has been very open about the whole networking process, because they have been helping her around with fundraisers, to collect funds for the upcoming White House Presidency run!


“The Blairite, internationalist and Democratic party networks are buzzing with talk about Meghan’s political ambitions and potential backers,” the anonymous source told for a  UK newspaper. And allegedly, the source is a very close friend, who wanted to stay anonymous.

Can you believe this???


Ava Garcia

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