You Won’t Believe At What Nancy Thinks About Her Greatest Accomplishment In Life!

Really, Nancy? That is the best you can?

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Obviously many people have misjudged Nancy Pelosi, thinking she might have “aimed higher”…

The California Democrat feels that passing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was her most important accomplishment in politics.

Below you may find and read the transcript from Pelosi’s interview with Mika Brezinski, where she gave her statement.

BRZEZINSKI: “I know that your greatest accomplishment is your five incredible kids.”

PELOSI: “Yes.”

BRZEZINSKI: “So, putting them aside just for a moment, what would you consider your greatest accomplishment over the age of 50.”

PELOSI: “Well, I don’t think anything compares with the Affordable Care Act. That was because it enabled millions of people to have access to quality affordable care, and again, for families and for the children. And not only 20 million more, but also families to have better benefits at lower costs, more accessible, more affordable. So nothing compared to that. I consider it a pillar, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act.”

BRZEZINSKI: “So you’ve spent some time in the past few years standing up to power, especially to a president. And I’m wondering, are there ways in which you feel more empowered at this stage of your life?”

PELOSI: “How can I say this? First of all, I’m excited to have this conversation with you, because of what it means to other women and to younger women. Because you don’t know what’s coming next. And I always say to young women, be ready. Just be ready. Take inventory of who you are and what you have inside of you and what you have done. Give yourself a gold star for being the unique person that you are. And so when the challenge is there, you’ll be ready. And, of course, little did we know that the challenge would be such horrible devastation to our country, but nonetheless, I was ready.”

Watch the full interview below:

And even further – she laughed on the whole idea of her retirement plan…

Well, I think she’s too high in the clouds to see the fact that the Democrats will probably lose the House in the 2022 midterm elections…

I wonder what she will think then when watching this prudent statement of hers?!


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