You Should Be Able To Tell Who Is Truly Committed To The Conservative Movement And Who Is Faking It By Now

Why do I feel compelled to declare that America comes first?

I spent my childhood learning about America and why I thought it was the finest country on the planet. I heard about the challenges of colonization and slavery, as well as the political games conducted in Washington, DC, and I grew up with the conviction that no one could tell me what to think or how to think.

It’s horrible how political groups and candidates prey on their supporters. The voters have devolved into cult-like zombies, unable of thinking for themselves and voting for the same awful candidate who does nothing for them, their communities, or their families, and it’s discouraging.

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I am not a Republican Party slave; in fact, I am not even a member of it. I am an independent conservative who listens to both sides before making decisions that affect my family’s future. I didn’t vote for Barack Obama because of what the media did to the other candidates who ran against him: they made everything about race.

I backed Donald Trump because he was not a politician, and I had ruled out supporting any US Senator or Congressman running for President due of Barack Obama’s presidency. Unless they have served as governors in their own states, congressional members lack the necessary experience to lead a country.

That being said, Trump was my choice. He had many accomplishments, but he also made numerous errors. However, mistakes are inevitable in politics, especially if you are a newcomer. What really made my blood boil was seeing Trump followers becoming like Obama’s cult. They blew a significant opportunity to attract more American votes because they were so focused on treating Trump like a god, which irritated me greatly.

Trump required assistance from his fans, but he received none. They should have been working to obtain local community seats in their areas to aid with the 2020 elections, but they just wanted to touch the hem of his suit at each event. They wanted to be the first to retweet him or use his name in a headline, but they rarely discussed how Democrats and Republicans should work together to defeat him in 2020. In fact, the pattern was established during the 2018 midterm elections, when roughly 50 Republicans lost their House seats and Democrats took control of the chamber. That should have been a warning sign, but Trump supporters were deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly

Many conservative voices irritate me, which is why I refuse to support them in public or in private. I could name them, and perhaps I will one day, but it is my burden to bear. You should be able to tell who is sincere and committed to the conservative cause and who isn’t.

Many of the younger voices, in my opinion, should seek election to local and municipal offices. They should earn some victories under their belts before attempting to win a congressional seat, but these days’ kids hear that there’s money in losing and don’t care. This is also discouraging. When their job should be to go to DC and make their s, the goal is to travel to DC and yell down AOC or Nancy Pelosi on television.

Since 2012, I’ve been advocating for the conservative viewpoint. It is something to which I am dedicated. I am not, however, committed to promoting conservative talking points in the hopes of appearing on television. I didn’t join the Democratic Party in order to become a celebrity. I left the celebration to convey to others that we were not getting what we had hoped for. That is exactly what I am doing now with the conservative movement.

Stop treating these TV personalities as though they’re Gods. Stop treating these wealthy organizations as if they do nothing but play games all year to make liberals appear foolish while excluding prospective votes. You’d think that with multi-million dollar budgets, they’d be conducting some form of outreach and getting the word out.

Isn’t that a concern if you don’t see a decent return on investment?

Okay, I’ve had my fill of ranting. Don’t send me any more social media influencers for president messages, by the way. I’m tired of it. You’re wasting my time if they haven’t ran for office and been elected.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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