You Must Listen To This Swine Flu Statement From 1976!

This short “60 Minutes” clip hosted by Chris Wallace’s father, from back in the day, in the far away 1976, has made a lot of people “seeing double”!

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If you don’t remember the hysteria that the Swine Flu made back in the days, let us remind you. And if you think that we’re leading on to you to see the resemblance – then, learn a bunch more stuff about the flu. You’ll get to the point of where I am in the end, also…

…”one thing that happened with the Swine Flu vaccine, is that it had to be pulled eventually because it was linked to Guillain-Barré Syndrome, and people were dying, although the actual number of people who died from the vaccine is not officially known, it is likely far less, however, than the “official” number we’re given for COVID vaccine deaths, which has not been “pulled.”

Watch this history repeating itself clip, and tell me, didn’t you get the chills also?

This video is also an example of how this notorious guy actually started as a good reporter, and ended up with the name he has to this day- a disgrace. Right?

Also, here are some of the comments from people online.

Crazy how people let history repeat itself!!”

“Everything the government does is a test run for the next time.”

“I got the swine flu shot because it was mandatory for military overseas; was so sick could not get out of bed for a week. Had a mild case of flu a year later but never got another flu shot or been sick in the 45 years since.”

“History definitely repeating itself! I’m concerned about this new mandate, as I know their ultimate goal. I worry for my family. If I go, it’s my time. I just can’t bear the pain of anything happening to my family members. I pray to God daily for strength.”

“That’s the difference between journalists actually doing their job and the farce we have now”

And also, here’s the entire piece from 1976, in case you want to dig deeper…


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