“You Left Us to be Killed by the Taliban,” a Former Afghan Special Forces Member Writes in a Message to Friends in the United States, Pleading With Them to Help Him After Biden Abandoned Him

Emily Miller is continuing to spearhead efforts in the United States to rescue the hundreds of Americans and thousands of SIV holders who have been stranded in Afghanistan.

Emily shared a report from an Afghan member of the National Mission Brigade, a group of special forces trained by the US, on her Twitter feed on Monday. The man spent 11 years working for the US and is now stranded in Afghanistan. His life is now in jeopardy after the Biden administration allegedly left a “death list” for the Taliban. He waits for the Taliban to execute him and begs US private organizations to save him, knowing that Susan Rice and the Biden administration have abandoned him.

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“Greetings, brothers. This is X from Afghanistan, a man who has spent the last 11 years working with US forces in Afghanistan.”

“I’m telling all Americans, all people, all politicians in the United States: I’m stranded here in Afghanistan, brothers.”

“I completed some work for you. For a long period, I served both my nation and the United States. As a result, we are now under threat from a terrorist organization known as the Taliban, which is armed with weapons.” (4/?)

The Taliban “murdered people in their houses and searched them…

We’re being watched, therefore I didn’t sleep in my own bed last night. Because of their threats, I went to my friend’s house.

Today, one of my pals who was serving with NMB, Afghan Special Forces, was killed.”

You’ve already departed Afghanistan. You abandoned us. So, how should I proceed?”

“My American friends who are assisting me are stuck. The government forbids them from assisting us in our exit from Afghanistan.

Please tell us what we should do. If you can help us in any way, please do so. This is the right moment.”

“It’s not difficult for [the Taliban] to locate us. We can hide for a day or two if we want to. However, they will be able to contact us on the third day. They have the ability to murder us.
This is the moment to pitch in if you can. Please assist us. Brothers, thank you.”
– The United States has trained Afghan special forces.

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