Yet ANOTHER County Experiences Dominion ‘Errors’

Isn’t this something that happens far too frequently?

This time, the story comes from a Pennsylvania county, and the alleged error appears to follow a pattern we’ve seen before.

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Republican ballots were mislabeled as Democrat ballots, according to local sources.

Errors happen all the time, which would be OK if they didn’t disproportionately benefit one party.

Despite county election director Bob Morgan calling it a coding problem last week, Dominion claims it was a human data-entry issue.

According to the electoral bureau, every republican vote was correctly counted.

However, some are concerned that the public’s faith in Dominion and elections in Luzerne County has eroded.

Morgan remarked, “It’s a regrettable error.” “That was not done on purpose. We sought public input as soon as we learned of the impact, and it is our goal to never have that happen again.”

Dominion also confessed that the same type of inaccuracy has occurred in previous elections.


Luzerne County’s primary election day is off to a bumpy start. Republican voters are unhappy about what election authorities are calling a “typo.”

When Republicans step up to the voting machine to vote, an introduction screen says “Official Democratic Ballot,” according to several voting places.

The judge of elections at a polling site in Kingston Township stated he had halted voting until the issue was resolved. He claimed that election officials in Wilkes-Barre told him that this was a mistake and that the republican ballot will load when voters moved to the next screen. To be sure, they double-checked it with an emergency Republican paper ballot.

Before voting, Republican voters across the county were shown this screen.

“There was a lot of confusion. It’s referred to as “miscoding.” It’s difficult to conceive how something like that could go unnoticed. The gentleman who came to the voting booth stated it properly “Kingston’s Dudley Snyder expressed his thoughts.

The typo on the opening voting screen was caused by a coding error with the vendor Dominion Voting Systems, according to Luzerne County election authorities, but the problem ended there.


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