Yale Representative States 60% of New COVID-19 Patients Got The Vaccine

The majority of people currently infected with COVID-19 have been vaccinated against the virus, according to an American professor of epidemiology at Yale University.

Dr. Harvey Risch said, “Clinicians have told me that more than half of the new COVID cases they’re treating are people who have been vaccinated.”

Risch, a professor at Yale School of Public Health, spoke on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” program and compared the public’s and medical establishment’s perceptions of vaccine efficacy.

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“I believe the vaccine has been marketed to the American public through research that shows it reduces mild to moderate symptomatic infection by 60-90 percent depending on age, vaccine, and other factors, which is a fairly good output for a person who wants to take a vaccine to protect himself,” Risch said.

“However, it is not the metric used by public health infrastructure, administration, or Dr. Fauci to assess the vaccine’s efficacy.”

Risch argues that the medical community is more concerned with whether or not the vaccines prevent the spread of the infection.

Risch suggests looking at data from countries where the vaccine has been used since Big Pharma has not given this information.

“The best place so far for that has been the mass rollout in Israel, where the Pfizer vaccine has now been given to over half of the population,” the epidemiologist said.

“And studies in Israel show that it decreases the spread of the infection by about 50-60 percent, which leads to herd immunity,” he added.

“However, the spread will not be shut down overnight. Doing so has a long-term and steady profit for society. But it’s not the same as, say, 90 percent security for each individual.”

This should serve as a warning to all who believe the vaccine would “liberate them from all restrictions,” he said. This is impossible because, although they do not show symptoms, the vaccine only reduces the virus’s actual transmission by half. Risch claims that over half of new coronavirus infections have already been vaccinated, according to clinicians.


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