Xavier Becerra Can’t Support Even One Abortion Restriction!

Xavier Becerra is a Biden HHS nominee and won’t support even one abortion restriction! He gave this statement at the Senate confirmation hearing.

On his Senate confirmation hearing, Xavier shared that he doesn’t support the abortion restrictions!

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Republican Senator Steve Daines called Becerra to choose only one abortion restriction that he thinks is good, but Xavier couldn’t name even a single condition! He couldn’t even support the abortion of children diagnosed with Down syndrome or the ban on partial-birth abortions.

Because Xavier refused to answer the senator’s question, he asked for a different way of responding!

Becerra’s answer!

“I have tried to make sure on this important issue for so many people, where oftentimes again we have different views, but deeply held views, that I have tried to make sure that I am abiding by the law. Because whether it’s a particular restriction, or whether it’s the whole idea of abortion, whether we agree or not, we have to come to some conclusion, and that’s where the law gives…”

Daines interrupted Becerra’s explanation and asked only for a single restriction that he could support!

Xavier Becerra refused to give a direct answer! Instead, he mentioned his Catholic mother’s prayers for the rosary and said that she prayed for him while preparing his confirmation hearings.

The Catholic Church doesn’t support abortion! In 2019 Pope Francis compared abortion to hiring a hitman.
But Dains speaks for those who participate in the battle but don’t have a voice.


He explained that he respects other people’s opinions, but he will only strictly follow the law!
This was too much even for Mitt Romney.

On the question of why he didn’t support the ban on partial-birth abortion, Becerra said:

“I am hopeful to be able to work with you and others to be able to reach that common ground on so many issues.”

Becerra voted against a ban on partial-birth abortion to give US taxpayers money to fund foreign abortions, banning taxpayer-funded abortions, making it a federal crime to transport minors through state lines for abortion.


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