WW2 Veteran Exposes Harrowing Story Of Lack Of Trans Representation

Otto Bernard, one of the last remaining D-Day invasion veterans, recently opened up to reporters to share his harrowing tale of the bloody fight against entrenched German forces on Omaha Beach. Bernard claims that his terrifying encounter was exacerbated by the soldiers’ utter lack of trans representation.

“I landed with the 29th division in the first wave,” Bernard said, his eyes distant. “As soon as the DD Tanks arrived on the sand, machine-gun fire ripped us apart.”

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“And when I looked around, I was surprised to see how little trans representation there was.”

Simply a group of cis men. “There weren’t even any women,” says the narrator. As tears welled up in his eyes and his voice started to shake, he said.

He said softly, “I’m completely ashamed to have been a part of it.” “We made a mistake by ignoring the importance of diversity. Consider how much further the invasion would have went if we had a few people, or at the very least a couple of transwomen, with us. “I’m so humiliated…”

Bernard, overwhelmed with grief, requested that the interview be cut short. To atone for his crimes, he has volunteered for the new military diversity training program.


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