Woman Supposedly Orders Removal of Patriotic Sign From Her Property

After a year of being displayed on North Hancock Road near Minneola, Elaine Simmons, 72, was ultimately forced by Lake County to remove her homemade sign “Toot for Trump, Proud to be an American.”

However, when she added the phrase “We Stand for the National Anthem” to her placard, things became a mess.

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“That’s when the problem started,” Simmons said last Monday.

The extra alteration, according to an unnamed neighbor, was that someone came up the barbed fence and sprayed “by the p****” in the sign, referring to Trump’s well-publicized remarks.

Simmons initially cleaned up the damage with acetone and paper towels, but on Tuesday, he received an order to destroy the sign within 14 days.

Signs are only allowed in Lake if they are formally from the homeowners organization, and any “temporary” signs should be removed after 90 days.

“I’m going to hide,” she declared. “I can’t fight this since I don’t have the resources.” She also believes that her amendment to the sign was the source of the residents’ concerns.

When an 8-year-old boy kneeled during the national anthem at a football game, Simmons said she added that section of the sign.

“That flipped me out – that’s not right,” she expressed her displeasure. “So I walked down to the shop, bought a 6-foot board, and added ‘We stand for the national anthem’ to the Trump sign,” says the author. “There are other methods to protest,” she continued, “one of them is to sit down and send a letter to your congressman.” “You have to do it [stand for the national anthem] if you want to be in this country…


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