Woman Quarantined in “Mid Skies” Because a Positive COVID Test

A woman was literally locked up in the tiny airless bathroom due to testing positive on a COVID test in mid skies!

I mean, wasn’t it already positive that tests showed false positives even 12 weeks after the disease?

Do you think this is a behavior a human being should get?

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“On December 19, Marisa Fotieo was flying from Chicago, Illinois heading to Reykjavik, Iceland when she mysteriously tested positive for COVID-19 mid-flight. Already taking two PCR tests before boarding the flight, Fotieo told news outlets that not only did the tests come back negative, but she also did five rapid tests before boarding. They came back negative as well. Yet, around 90 minutes into the flight, Foteio started to feel sick and decided to take another test which would lead her to be quarantined in the bathroom on the plane,” CNN reported.

Here hat Marisa stated.

“Immediately, it came back positive.” Not knowing what to do and starting to panic, she informed the nearest flight attendant Ragnhildur Eiríksdóttir, nicknamed Rocky, for assistance. “I was hysterical, I was crying. I was nervous for my family, with who I just had dinner. I was nervous for the other people on the plane. I was nervous for myself.”

Eiríksdóttir noted, “Of course, it’s a stress factor when something like this comes up, but that’s part of our job.” Rocky would offer to rearrange passengers around so Fotieo could sit alone, but since the flight was full, she decided to stay in the bathroom, because she “did not want to be around others on the flight.”

However, people at the flight company weren’t as big pricks as the ones over in the Government.

Having to spend over three hours in the bathroom, Fotieo was eventually taken to the Red Cross hotel where she was seen by doctors and quarantined for ten days. She did admit that not only was she checked on three times a day, but the flight attendant, Rocky, sent her Christmas gifts and food. “Honestly, it has been an easy experience. It’s partially due to Rocky and the breed of Icelandic people. Everyone here is so kind.”


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