Wolf Blitzer (CNN) Mocked For His Selfie Marking The 9th Month Since January 6!

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer was savagely mocked because of his latest selfie to mark the 9th month anniversary of the January 6 event.

The left works tirelessly to make the most peaceful protest at the Capitol on January 6 look like the most brutal one, even worse than 9/11.

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This reporter even went to the Capitol and took a picture to mark the nine-month anniversary.

The selfie was terrible enough, so he should do anything else. He said:

“Nine months ago today – on January 6, 2021 – an angry mob attacked the U.S. Capitol. I walked around the complex today, and it was very calm. As you know, the perimeter security fence is gone – at least for now.”

Below this description was shared his selfie.

Here’s what people commented online.

“Time for you to retire Wolf. You can no longer distinguish fact from fantasy.”

“What a clown this guy is” 

“Hey Wolf, maybe you should take this free time you’ve got and investigate why CNN keeps all these sexual assaulters in their prime-time lineup?” 

“Whaaaatttttt???? Oh you mean the protest ? Like all those where looting and burning and violence took place night after night and people’s lives and businesses were burnt to the ground? When are you taking a walk around those spots Wolf.”

“Your facial expression is making me laugh out loud, you dork” 

“Might be a personal problem when you celebrate the anniversary every month of January 6 more than your wedding”

We should have realized during the gulf war that you were #FakeNews

“I want to know when the 3 letter agencies will release all the drone footage they have of all the riots, and what they are doing with it. Also what happened to the person who dropped bombs off at the DNC and RNC how can they not locate them.”

“From a once respected journalist to a liberal fake news hack that nobody takes seriously anymore. My how far you have fallen.”

“”Angry mob,” Wolf, really? You mean the ones who were admonished to “peacefully let their voices be heard,” or the ones who left Trump’s speech early, or never went to it, but then pretended to be Trump supporters and instigated unrest? Was the Capital seized, burned, vandalized?”

“Uh wow such a cool story. I mean seriously though, this is idiotic”

“People who note 9 month anniversaries: 1. Teenage girls 2. Wolf Blitzer”

“Teen-Wolf Blizter posting about 9 month anniversaries lol” 

“How many months after the BLM riots?”

“CNN has spent more time covering jan 6th than their coverage of 9-11 during the same interval of time. That’s a problem and this isn’t a news story”

Slow day at @CNN? No one cares”

In the past, this man was a respected reporter. Now everything is mixed up.

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