“Woke” Teacher Fired After She Was Caught Bashing Students on Camera

In Springfield, MO, a Pershing Middle School teacher was caught on film going off on a pupil.

The teacher, who is clearly another toxic “woke woman,” lashed out at a male student who questioned her “LGBTQ” classroom party, which included store-bought “rainbow unicorn cupcakes.”

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These women have a lot of emotional problems.

According to Ky3.com, the Springfield School District has terminated the employment of a middle school teacher who was embroiled in a viral video dispute.

On the last day of school, the incident occurred. Pershing Middle School students captured the instructor dishing out cupcakes in honor of LGBTQ Pride Month.

The teacher then labels a student a “straight jerk,” a “dipstick,” and a “weasel,” among other things. In the video, the student confesses to being obnoxious.

Leaders of the Springfield Public Schools claim they have no idea what was stated before the tape. After receiving a copy of the film from a parent, they learned about the incident 24 hours later. They claim they started investigating the matter right away and called the Missouri Children’s Division’s hotline. SPS strives to establish a friendly learning environment for all children, according to them, and the teacher plainly broke professional norms.

Stephen Hall, the public information officer for Springfield Public Schools, stated, “We’re all in agreement.” “The comments in the video are completely unacceptably offensive. They’re both inappropriate and inexcusable. As a result, we were able to stick to our policies and processes. The district followed our board policy, which sets very clear protocols for disciplinary investigation and action.”

Senator Eric Burlison of Missouri issued a message on his Facebook page in response to the viral video.

“She lost her impartiality in a conversation with one of her students, who fought back on these ideas,” he adds, in part because she emphasized her personal convictions in the classroom.

She is claimed to have called a young man various nasty and nasty insults, crossing the boundary even further.”


The teacher was fired.


Here’s what an online user claiming to be this horrible woman’s pupil said:

“She is my professor. I was in the following class hour, and I recall her telling us all about it since she was so proud of herself. This teacher has a history of making fun of persons with disabilities, sexualizing them, and body shaming them. She also made students feel ashamed if they received poor grades. I’m relieved she’s no longer employed.”

Another “left-wing bully who loves to love.”

Our country’s education is being destroyed by these “woke” teachers.

Nobody is going to stop them from becoming “awake” and believing this nonsense.

These mentally and emotionally disturbed individuals, on the other hand, have no right to instill their personal ideas on our children. That is not their proper location, and they must all be removed.

So, keep those cameras rolling, kids.


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