Wisconsin Supreme Court Handed A Huge Election Win For Next 10 Years To The Republicans

The GOP just scored a massive, decade-long victory.

And it’s all thanks to the Wisconsin Supreme Court!

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According to ABC News,

“The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Friday adopted Republican-drawn boundaries for the next 10 years, reversing its previous decision after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the Democrat governor’s proposal.

The state Supreme Court issued a 4-3 decision, with Justice Brian Hagedorn joining fellow conservatives on the court, in favor of maps drawn by legislative Republicans, which the majority determined to be “race neutral” because they did not consider race in drawing them.

Evers’ maps had factored in race to increase the number of Black majority Assembly districts from six to seven. The Republican-drawn maps chosen Friday reduce the number of Black majority districts to five.

Hagedorn, who was expected to be the deciding vote in the ruling, had previously sided with the court’s three liberal justices. Evers called the ruling “an outrageous decision by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.”


“The nation’s highest court rejected the Democrat governor’s maps last month, kicking the matter back to the state court. The federal court ruled March 23 that the state Supreme Court did not properly determine whether Evers’ maps, which create a new Black majority district in Milwaukee, complied with the federal Voting Rights Act.

Conservative Chief Justice Annette Ziegler said the court found insufficient evidence “to justify drawing state legislative districts on the basis of race.”

“The maps proposed by the Wisconsin Legislature are race-neutral. The Legislature’s maps comply with the Equal Protection Clause, along with all other applicable federal and state legal requirements,” Ziegler wrote. “Further, the Legislature’s maps exhibit minimal changes to the existing maps, in accordance with the least change approach we adopted.”

Here’s what people online are saying:

“At a time when our democracy is under near-constant attack…” Exactly what attacks are they, Tony boy? These DemonRats just spout their talking points, no matter how outrageous they might be.”

“Wisconsin labor unions are livid at this decision. They know that this poses at least a partial threat to slow down the advancement of the institution of the Globalist Oligarchy, of which they hope to grab a chunk of the power. American/Communist labor unions all over the country are watching this decision closely, and cringing.”

“Let me remind you Mr. Evers, the United States is not a democracy. The United States a constitutional republic. Look up the difference.”

“Tony doesn’t understand, he does not have the actual final word. Kinda pitiful, Sort of funny watching a grown man act so childish.”

“I want to be in the front row at the ‘gates of heaven’ when all these a$$hat liberal lawyers, judges and government thieves meet our Lord and Savior… Watching them get ‘convicted’ of their crimes against humanity and be banished to hell for all eternity would be a spectacular show to watch.”

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