Wisconsin Speaker Vos Secretly Pushed Legislation To Increase Drop Boxes Number Since Judge Declared Them Illegal In State!

Wisconsin’s Republican Speaker Vos attempted to push a bill that would increase the number of drop boxes after the judge declared they were illegal in the state.

Vos isn’t a friend to the Americans. The Dems stole the 2020 election in Wisconsin; Vox wanted to reach the bottom of it. However, he never achieved that! He didn’t even try! He appointed a retired judge to examine the election, too little and too late.

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In December 2020, Speaker Vos was behind the use of drop boxes in Wisconsin. Hillary’s attorney Marc Elian in the case against the legality of drop boxes, shared evidence showing Vos wholeheartedly supported the use of drop boxes. He was a part of a group that promoted them in the country.

The latest data show that Speaker Vos has more up his sleeve. He knows that he can’t push the bill in Wisconsin if he asks for more ballot drop boxes into the state for the approaching elections, so he works with the Wisconsin Senate to push this through.

Vos collaborates with RINO senator Kathy Bernier. After all the actions that Vos took in 2020, he would now be interested in adding drop boxes in the state after they were so critical to the Dems’ plan in 2020.

He wants something more. Reports say that a bill is looked at in the Wisconsin Senate that purportedly will increase the number of absentee ballots in the state.

This is a copy of the report:

This is the full document:

What will he do next in Wisconsin? It seems that it’s time that he steps down.

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