Will There Be Enough VACCINE SURVIVORS to Reconstruct Society After The GENOCIDE?

The vaccination holocaust is currently causing mass victims around the world, with post-vaccine mortality on the rise in the United States and many other countries. Recent VAERS data show 70 deaths per day among vaccinated Americans, and realistic VAERS estimates require us to compound this by about 40 to get real-world figures. This brings the total number of vaccine-related deaths in the United States to 2,800 every day.

The current global population is 7.9 billion people (

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At least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine has been given to nearly 43% of the world’s population. (

To date, almost 3.4 billion people have received vaccinations.

Are these vaccines harming millions of people all over the world? Beyond the realm of speculation, a steady stream of doctors, nurses, and health professionals are documenting high numbers of post-vaccine deaths, most of which occur in hospitals. Examples:


Hospitals have been dubbed the plandemic’s “killing fields,” with doctors, nurses, and managers openly cooperating to mass murder those who are unvaccinated while covering up the deaths of those who received the vaccine.

Hospitals have been accused of covering up vaccine deaths in order to conceal the number of deaths for as long as possible. This is happening with openly recognized hospital efforts to “scare the public” by inflating the number of patients “with covid” who are hospitalized.

Vaccine deaths are on the rise, despite the criminal hospitals’ and treasonous Biden regime’s best efforts to hide the current vaccine holocaust:


Meanwhile, Israel, which has a vaccination rate of over 80%, is seeing such high numbers of new infections, hospitalizations, and deaths that it has become a visible example of vaccine failure.

Similarly, Vermont, the most vaccinated state in the US (with an 88 percent vaccination rate), is experiencing a record high in covid cases:


Vaccine uptake rates are highest where there are covid “cases,” hospitalizations, and deaths. The vaccination is clearly the pandemic, and the spike protein added into the immunizations is the source of the injuries and deaths.

How many people will die before this crime against humanity is put to an end?
With 3.4 billion individuals already vaccinated around the world, the obvious question is, “How many people will die as a result of the depopulation bullets’ long-term effects?”

Remember that the goal of these “vaccines” is to accomplish global depopulation. They accomplish this through a variety of biochemical methods, including:

People are being killed by blood clots and heart attacks (vascular effects).
Increased incidences of cancer and autoimmune illnesses are killing individuals.
Aborting kids and causing infertility in the long run.
Spike protein hazardous nanoparticles were shed onto others, causing disease and death even in those who had not received the vaccines.
The neurological system is attacked, resulting in cognitive impairment.
According to medical specialists who have investigated these consequences, the long-term death rate among persons who have received the immunizations ranges from 10% to 70%. This suggests that, depending on existing vaccination data, vaccine-related fatalities might kill somewhere between 340 million and 2.38 billion people.

Every day, over 30 million fresh vaccination doses are given out ( Because many of them are second doses, this statistic does not include new persons receiving their first dose, albeit it is included. According to the same source, about 90% of those who received at least one immunization also received a second dose. (In other words, patients who get the vaccines usually get two doses rather than one.)

Vaccine injuries and deaths rise substantially with the second dosage of the vaccine, according to widely published medical research, including data from the vaccine manufacturers. While the first jab kills some people, the second tends to suffocate them.





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