Will Smith’s Attempt To Get Political In GA Ends Up With An Egg On His Face!

Can you recall when the actor’s job was only to act?

It was long ago, and today’s people can’t even remember that!

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Today, celebrities are the WORST!

The time when they did their job looks like is centuries ago. They advise us about politics, tell us who to vote, and who to support now!

Celebrities and sports figures are very concerned about making “social justice statements,” but they aren’t concerned with their jobs. You were supposed to entertain us!

But, they show how little respect they have towards their fans.

Take a look at Will Smith. The latest “SJW’ activist is taking a “stand” in Georgia, and he moved his latest movie, “Emancipation,” to Louisiana.

Will Smith, with this move, showed that he is just another brick in the wall of rich, clueless dummy celebrities. He doesn’t even know the Georgia voter law.

Also, he hasn’t read the Louisiana laws. Because LA has voter ID, fewer days of early voting, and the law doesn’t permit absentee voting with an excuse.

There the laws are more restrictive than in Georgia!

Town Hall shared that at this moment, Smith costs more black people their jobs by pulling out of GA. He did the same thing as MLB did because of LeBron James and Stacey Abrams.

The main problem here is that everything is based on a lie. It is despicable to try to deny black people the right to vote! It is shameful and a diminishment of what occurred in history.

Guy Benson, the Townhall editor, realized the irony, and he pointed that at this moment, Louisiana laws are more restrictive than Georgia. There the voters have more voting opportunities.

Could those folks be any more stupid?

The Dems want to spread a message to GA and all the rest similar to it, that if they’re going to enact voting laws or add some restrictions, economic suffering is inevitable. This is what we call strong-arm tactics, bullying, and dirty politics.

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