Will BIDEN DIE This Week?

You read the title right! But, we will explain it to you.

We have already shared that we will have the most powerful prophecy this week. Timothy Dixon confirmed it!

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Now, he shared one new video that is very stunning.

I won’t summarize a lot because there is an entire video to watch.

I advise you to watch the whole clip, and you won’t be disappointed!

However, there were cliff notes. The video named ‘’A casket in the White House’’ reveals that Biden holds the casket.

He said that the prophecy comes from one God’s dream that he had yesterday. It sounds that it would happen very soon!

Also, Bo Polny said that Tuesday would be an interesting day, and I’m starting to connect the dots.

According to Timothy Dixon’s prophecy, Biden was in the casket…this wasn’t the weirdest part.

He said that besides the stolen election and fraud, the Deep State couldn’t ruin Biden’s plan!

However, his death came suddenly!

The Dems immediately tried to cover that up, as they usually do! But, it didn’t last long!

Furthermore, the vision then continued with Kamala Harris!

Maybe you think that Kamala is worse than Biden! I agree. But read further.

Dixon explained that he saw something wasn’t right with Biden’s situation. Harris saw that they turn on her. Also, she found some knives in her back, which symbolize betrayal, and she started to fight back!

Now you will read the last part of the dream.

Reports on the election fraud appeared, and Dixon said that he saw ABC News reporting that it looks like President Trump won by a landslide. We had no idea the fraud was this bad.”

He continued that all the mass media agreed with Trump that he WON the election!

Now the mainstream media will agree with Trump! Until today non of these things happened, but we will see.

You can find more information about the prophecies in the video below.

And now read the best comments.

Also, here’s the YouTube backup.

Rumble YouTube

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