Why Your Government Wants You To Get A Booster?

And not just one time! but one on every 3 months!

Because they’re assured that their plans are developing correctly!

Because the vaccinated are developing a completely new form of AIDS.

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“The UK Government and its scientific advisers claim that the reason for cutting the time people must wait to get a booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine to just three months, is to limit the spread of the alleged new Omicron variant, of which they know next to nothing about” The Daily Expose reported.

“Criminally, the Government also accepted the JCVI’s advice to offer all children over the age of 12 a second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, twelve weeks following the first dose, despite knowing the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis is much higher following the second dose.”

Since June 2021 – the majority of COVID deaths are among the fully vaxxed.

Public Health England had released a report revealing 62% of alleged Covid-19 deaths were people who had been vaccinated.

And vaccine effectiveness has reported its significant downfall.

“Pfizer claims that their Covid-19 mRNA injection has vaccine effectiveness of 95%. They were able to claim this because of a simple calculation (full details of which can be viewed here) performed on the number of infections confirmed amongst the vaccinated group and the not-vaccinated group during the earliest stages of the still ongoing clinical trials.

Now, thanks to a wealth of data published by the new UK Health Security Agency we are able to use the same calculation that was used to calculate 95% effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine, to calculate the real-world effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccines, and the data, unfortunately, suggests the vaccinated population are developing some new form of AIDS induced by the Covid-19 injections.”

A vaccine effectiveness of 0% would mean that the fully vaccinated are 0% more protected against Covid-19 than the unvaccinated, meaning the vaccines are ineffective.

“Whilst a vaccine effectiveness of -50% would mean that the unvaccinated were 50% more protected against Covid-19 than the fully vaccinated, meaning the vaccines actually decimate the immune system,” reports stated.

“U = No. of Cases among the unvaccinated
V = No. of Cases among the fully vaccinated
U – V / U = Vaccine Effectiveness
In order to calculate the immune system performance we need to perform a slightly different calculation that divides the answer to U – V by the largest of the number of cases among either the unvaccinated or fully vaccinated.”

Therefore, the calculation for positive immune system performance is –

U – V / U

Whilst the calculation for negative immune system performance is –

U – V / V

“The anomaly in this data though is the immune system performance of the 70-79 and 80+ age group. As we know, prior to the vaccination campaign beginning the average age of a person to die following Covid-19 infection was over 85, even though the average-life expectancy in the UK is 81.

he 80+ age group had just 4 months remaining until they possibly reached total immune system failure, but following the roll-out of the booster jab this has increased to 16.7 months.

However, since we know the vaccine effectiveness is proving to decline at a significant rate after a short period, and with evidence suggesting the vaccines are not only ineffective but also decimate the immune system, within the next month of two we could see that the booster shot has actually compromised the immune system of recipients even further, and an even quicker decline in immune system performance may materialise.

Which leads us to ask if the authorities are aware of this and this is the reason why they are so desperate for everybody to receive a booster shot before they hit the point of total immune system failure?

This data suggests that the vaccinated population will now require an endless cycle of booster shots to boost their immune systems to a point where it does not fail but is inferior to that of the unvaccinated population, and we are seeing further clues hidden in official government reports that this is the case.”

The real-world effectiveness of the Covid-19 injections wains significantly in a short amount of time, but unfortunately for the vaccinated population, rather than the immune system returning to the same state it was prior to vaccination, the immune system performance begins to rapidly decline to make it inferior to that of the unvaccinated.

The fact that the UK Health Security Agency has admitted the fully vaccinated are much less capable of producing N-antibodies following infection also supports this.

It’s definitely going to be a long winter. And a really tricky path to survive in the future!

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