Why Is President Trump Still Endorsing RINOs Like Dr. Oz?

On April 9th, President Trump held a “Save America” event in Salem, where he spoke about a variety of issues including immigration law and the Biden administration before eventually naming recent endorsements.

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And among those Trump boasted about endorsing was Dr. Mehmet Oz, who is vying for the Republican nomination out of Pennsylvania to run for the U.S. Senate, and who also happens to be garnering a reputation with conservative voters as a RINO.

During the April 9th rally in Salem, Trump stated, “By the way, I endorsed another person today – Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania! Dr. Oz, great guy, good man, he’s a good man. Harvard educated, tremendous, tremendous career, and they liked him for a long time. That’s like a poll, when you’re in television for 18 years that’s like a poll – that means people like you. But he’s a, he’s a great guy.”

Back in December, Jack Posobiec flat out called Dr. Oz “a liberal,” claiming that he holds all the same values and positions as the “woke” establishment Left.

“Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing, he’s running around telling people he’s a conservative, he’s going to the Newsmax party in New York – by the way – definitely not in Pennsylvania, he’s not from Pennsylvania. This guy is a liberal. He holds, all the same, woke ideals as everyone else in the liberal elite. He is pantomiming, he is aping, the words of Republican politicians but more like a 1980s kind of Republican politician saying, ‘Oh we need to get government out, we need to get regulations out, we need to let these companies do whatever they want, etc.’”

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