Why Harry And Meghan Were Asked To Leave Friends Home When They Moved To LA?

Meghan is regarded as a rude and elitist snob who treats her help like garbage. It is ironic because she was an unknown D-list actress until she met Harry. The best thing so far is that she was an actress in the Canadian show Suits.

However, Meghan Markle has hitched her rickety wagon to a platinum horse and carriage; she’s off to the races.

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Maybe this woman comes from humble beginnings, she isn’t a modest girl, and she is in the clouds living her best life. She still can’t help putting on airs.

Have you read the letter Meghan sent to her father right before she and Harry tied the know? She asked her father to stop talking to the press about her relationship and the Royals.

She called him Daddy in the letter.

This is what the Mirror said for the letter.

Meghan Markle called her father daddy in a letter to pull on people’s heartstrings if it was leaked, it’s claimed.

The Duchess of Sussex told a former aide a handwritten letter to her estranged father was “drafted with the understanding that it could be leaked”, the Court of Appeal has heard.

Jason Knauf, who was communications secretary to Meghan and Harry until March 2019, said the duchess had indicated to him in August of the previous year that she recognised it was possible that her father, Thomas Markle, would make the letter public.

Mr Knauf said in his written evidence: “She also asked a specific question regarding addressing Mr Markle as ‘daddy’ in the letter, saying ‘given I’ve only ever called him daddy it may make sense to open as such (despite him being less than paternal), and in the unfortunate event that it leaked it would pull at the heartstrings’.”

Mr Knauf said Meghan had “deliberately ended each page part way through a sentence so that no page could be falsely presented as the end of the letter”.

Mr. Knauf is the person who was bullied by Meghan Markle when she entered the palace! People quit jobs because of her behavior.

Meghan says that all of these things are lies! However, that brings us to another little nugget. Harry and Meghan first ditched the Royals and then moved to the USA, and they remained at a friends’ house for some time.

Calvin Robinson said that Harry and Meghan stayed there so short because of their treated the staff.

Check this out:

Harry isn’t the innocent boy turned into a nasty beast by the evil wife. The real kicker is that we have these two pompous elites butting their big noses into US politics.

Meghan should meet a rich Hollywood producer to divorce Harry, and the man can get back to his Royal Family!

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