Why Did People Boo On O’Reilly And Trump Saying They Got The Booster Shot?

President Donald Trump and his old mate Bill O’Reilly both announced to an audience before them that they were both triple-vaccinated.

What was this all about – attention or actual threats? Whatever it was – it is quite obvious that Americans don’t sup[port further oppression and mandatory vaccination.

Even if the situation got real and threatening, what Joe Biden and his rushing vaccine mandates along with Fauci did was to scare people away from them!

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The 45th President and former Fox News prime-time star have spent the last two weeks on a “History Tour” – a series of dialogues in stadiums around the country. Both disclosed that they had had the vaccination booster injection last night during the tour’s last concert in Dallas, according to a brief video uploaded by O’Reilly’s “No Spin News” Twitter account:

“O’Reilly should be commended for posing a topic that many in conservative media circles are afraid to address for fear of upsetting, or perhaps losing, an audience that is adamantly opposed to anti-virus vaccination.”

Honest appreciation to President Trump for deciding not to push further to the obvious opposite reaction of the Americans, and accept their opinion with respect and elegance.

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