Why Aren’t All of These Experimental Injections Killing or Injuring Those Who Receive Them?

Why are there so many people who have had one or two shots and are largely untouched by them in terms of side effects? This is a genuine question that is probably pondered by everyone who is attempting to warn others about how terrible and fatal these injections are.

Some people believe that some of the COVID-19 injection batches are placebos, although I have yet to see any good proof to back this up.

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The more plausible answer is that these are brand-new products that have never been mass-produced and disseminated before, and some of them are simply “duds,” either because they were created incorrectly or because they were not handled properly after manufacturing.

We have plenty of evidence to support this explanation.

For example, we reported in March on some leaked documents that were submitted to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for approval of Pfizer’s mRNA COVID-19 injections last December.

According to reports in the BMJ, the EMA was concerned since only 55 percent of the samples contained complete mRNA strands. Despite this, the EMA approved the application because “the levels of a hypothetical protein generated by the truncated mRNA would be too low to pose a safety risk.” Only 55% of some COVID vaccine samples had RNA intact prior to European approval, according to leaked Pfizer documents, exposing major quality control issues.

We broadcast a video in June from a CVS pharmacist who quit her job after refusing to inject customers with the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Pfizer doses must be kept at temperatures below -70 degrees Fahrenheit, and when they are thawed, they must be handled in very precise ways to keep them “viable.”

There have been numerous reports of manufacturing issues in the plants where these shots are produced, so it is not only plausible, but highly likely that many people are receiving shots from doses that are either inactive or not fully active enough to cause all of the side effects, resulting in injuries and deaths, which are already at an alarmingly high rate.

It’s also possible that certain batches are weaker or placebos, although I haven’t seen any data to back that up yet. If this is true, professional sports would be the one sector where I could imagine them injecting placebos because serious adverse effects and lower athletic performance would be rapidly noted, resulting in unfavorable publicity for the shots.

Long before the FDA issued warnings regarding this side effect, it was generally recognized that cholesterol-lowering statin medicines caused muscle loss. This was well known in the area of sports, and players were barred from taking these prescriptions.

Another reason for injecting placebos into a large section of the population, especially during an early roll-out, is to lessen the unfavorable publicity caused by adverse effects in the first dosages.

Because, as we approach closer to forced vaccinations, it is well-known that the most outspoken opponents are those who were previously pro-vaccine and have now been wounded by them, or who have had a close friend or loved one gravely injured or murdered as a result of them.

Those who survive the initial round of shots become eager repeat clients for future “booster” shots.

Mark Dice posted a film yesterday that he shot in San Diego, in which he pretended to be a survey taker and a customer.


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