WHOOPI Must Know: C-19 Shots Are Designed To Kill 10X The Number Of Holocaust Victims In 2022 ONLY!!!

The Expose released a statistical analysis of sudden deaths of cardiovascular issues after the C-19 vaccination.

The evidence of severe heart inflammation and current cardiac arrest trends in young professional athletes says that C-19 vaccines are designed to kill more than 62.3 million deaths only in 2022. The report revealed that cardiovascular deaths doubled for fully vaccinated FIFA players and trainers every three months in 2021.

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The trend is expected to continue in 2022 because of the prevalence of myocarditis, which increases the risk of getting a heart attack in 5 years. So, according to this, we can conclude that the vaccines will kill ten times the Holocaust number in 2022 only!

C-19 vaccines double the risk of a heart attack in a 5-year-span!

Dr. Steven Gundy issued a speech to the American Heath Association on November 12-14. He stated that the shots double the chance of suffering a heart attack in a 5-year span. There was a serious rise in inflammatory markers only two months after the second dose of the vaccine. It means that the damage caused by the C-19 vaccines won’t be realized for years.

If we constantly get the vaccine, the inflammatory markers will only increase. The heart muscle inflammation isn’t mild, and if the heart is overworked, then the person will suffer a cardiac attest, which has skyrocketed in young athletes.

According to the statistics, we can see that cardiovascular deaths increased every quarter throughout 2021, saying that the vaccine damage multiplies as time passes.

FIFA Pro-Footballer deaths increased from three deaths in the first quarter of 2021 to eight deaths in the second quarter.

The deaths have risen to abnormal levels in quarters three and four, with 16 deaths and 40 deaths occurring every quarter.

When the numbers are extrapolated across healthy people like active young adults, the rate of cardiac arrest and death is a Holocaust-level event.

However, not everyone would die; some of them would be saved and will survive. But, some athletes would be so injured by the vaccine that they can’t play sport ever again.

For example, Sergio Aguero, a Manchester City player who collapsed on the field, survived, but his football career is over; it’s the same with thirty-one other footballers who collapsed the same year.

Multiple holocausts are in queue if spike protein replication continues through mass vaccination programs!
John Hopkins University shared that 51.6% of the world’s population is fully vaccinated with the spike protein mRNA. The cardiac arrest rate is 8.9 million per year, but for 50% of the unvaccinated people, the rate is 1.1125 million per quarter, and for the fully vaccinated, the rate goes up to 2.225 million per quarter.

If the exponential rise in young footballer deaths represents a signal throughout the young, active population who are doubly vaccinated, then the heart attack rate is a cohort of the fully vaccinated.

Analysis shared that 8.9 million average cardiovascular deaths could become 71.2 million. This is only an analysis of heart attack fatalities after the C-19 vaccination. These numbers don’t share the figure of deaths caused by the vaccine-acquired autoimmune deficiency syndrome.

This genocidal fatality rate doesn’t factor in inevitable neurological degeneration caused by the vaccine inflammatory spike proteins.

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