Whoopi To DeSantis: ‘You are actually committing negligent homicide when people die on your watch’

And she was u-masked, while she was hanging out with her own family!

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GOLDBERG: “And darling, Florida is on fire right now with Covid cases; 13 school employees have died in this just the past three weeks in Miami-Dade county alone.

Now a judge just blocked the ban on mask mandates by Governor DeSantis who says he’ll fight this. The masks, I thought, were there to protect the vulnerable kids –“

BEHAR: “You’d think.”

GOLDBERG: “– who, you know, can’t get the vaccination. You know, because if you are 12 and under, you can’t get the vaccination. So why wouldn’t parents want to do everything to keep everybody’s kids safe? Why is this still —”

BEHAR: “He’s putting his political ambitions ahead of the safety of children. It’s as simple as that really.” (Applause)

GOLDBERG: “Yes, it is.”

HAINES: “Yeah.”

BEHAR: “And — and the way I see it, he should be criminally liable for that. You are actually committing negligent homicide when people die on your watch.”

Watch the full video HERE:

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