‘Who The F**k Do You Think You Are?’ Rudy Giuliani Went Off On RNC Chief Counsel

The reason? Well, he stood up for President Trump!

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Michael Wolff’s upcoming book made a big fuss in the political world because it will reveal a lot of hidden details from the “backstabbing” work that was done splendidly by no one else, then the Trump administration, during the time he was still in office. According to the book, Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, told the RNC chief counsel to resign for questioning the former President’s election claims.

According to Business Insider, which published a scoop of the detail, “Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis received an email last November that forwarded a note from Republican National Committee (RNC) chief counsel Justin Riemer. In the note, Riemer doubted Trump’s election claims.

Riemer reportedly asked his colleagues in the RNC why they were backing Trump’s challenges to the election results, which he did not believe were founded, and also expressed that the organization had raised more money fighting the Democrats than it did challenging election results.

Per the Business Insider, and later Ellis herself on social media, Ellis was having dinner with Giuliani and former NYPD commissioner Bernard Kerik, when she passed her phone around for everyone to read the note.

Giuliani, who served as Trump’s personal lawyer, was angered by the message and expressed his outrage to the group.

“Can you f–king believe this,” he reportedly said. “They are backdooring us … doing everything in their power not to help us.”

Kerik suggested that the note was akin to the GOP saying, “f—k Trump” and “f—k Giuliani.”

After they read the note, Giuliani reportedly called Riemer to threaten his job at the RNC.”

Business Insider further reported that:
“The mayor, sitting in the restaurant but in full battle mode (and with a few drinks in him), damn well got Riemer himself on the phone: ‘Who the f— do you you think you are? How can you be going against the president? … You need to resign and resign tonight … because you are going to get fired,’” the book said.

“Giuliani then reportedly called RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel to ensure that the personnel change was carried out.

Wolff, who’s penning the book “Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency,” cites the dinner as an example of Trump’s fight against the GOP establishment.

“As is typical with most things Michael Wolff writes, this story is simply false,” the statement said. “The RNC legal team fought tooth and nail on election integrity efforts for the entirety of 2020, and that continues today.”

Despite the RNC’s denials, Jenna Ellis has herself spoken out on the matter to confirm the details in Wolff’s book.

“This report is true @GOPChairwoman, and you know I have the receipts,” she wrote. “Why is the RNC lying and saying it’s false?”

When Fox News called Arizona for Joe Biden it ended any chance of Donald Trump winning the 2020 presidential election in the eyes of the network and was so controversial that many longtime viewers of Fox News abandoned the network.

It was also so controversial that the man at the Decision Desk who made the call, Chris Stirewalt, was later fired.

But, according to a new book, the decision came from a person much higher at the network than fall guy Stirewalt, and that was the owner of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch.

In his new book, “Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency,” author Michael Wolff detailed what he said happened.

Wolff wrote that Murdoch’s son Lachlan, the CEO of Fox Corporation, got a call from the network’s election-data operation shortly after 11 p.m. ET on election night saying it was ready to declare Arizona for Biden.”


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