Whitmer’s Career Is Crushing Down

She was not so popular, especially with her strict policies.

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But after she disobeyed them, making herself an exclusion, plus, traveling on budget expenses – things really started going downwards for Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

People are talking, and a close friend of mine, who lives in Michigan, spoke to me that they are unsatisfied with her governing and her politics.

And now – there is even a commercial that slams on the Governor!


And according to Wayne Dupree,

“Whitmer is still facing really serious backlash over that secret trip to Florida that she took during a massive “COVID outbreak” in Michigan on a private that belonged to several Michigan businessmen that do work in the state. The cost of the flight was a reported $27,521. Whitmer claims she paid $855 of that.

When everyone asked Whitmer’s office who the heck paid for the 27k, they claimed that “Michigan Transition 2019” paid for it.

That group is a nonprofit that was created in order to pay for Whitmer’s inauguration.”

What do you have to say about this?

Do you find the ad hilarious or is it just me?


Ava Garcia

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