Whitmer In The Center Of An Unfolding Mystery In Michigan!

Everything will come to the surface.

Whitmer’s situation isn’t glowing at the moment. She follows Cuomo’s steps. They currently accused her of controversial nursing homes handling and forcing them to accept covid-19 positive patients.

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It isn’t the only bad situation she’s in. The former covid-19 policy chief received a $155,000 payout on his departure. And he’s bound by silence on the terms of his final deal.

Everything is very messy and very blurry!

Also, Whitmer’s previous COVID policy chief suggested Biden transition team on health care.

Below you can read the entire report from Just The News.

Gordon raised eyebrows when he abruptly left the Whitmer administration in January for reasons that have yet to be disclosed — and controversy erupted earlier this month when it was revealed that Gordon received a $155,000 payout upon his departure, with Whitmer herself confirming that Gordon has been bound to silence regarding the terms of his severance deal.

“The nature of the separation agreement is that when someone leaves, there are terms to it and you cannot share every term to it,” Whitmer sad earlier this month. “That’s simply what it is.”

Gordon, it turns out, also advised the Biden presidential transition team on healthcare policy. With Whitmer now under fire for her policy directing state nursing homes to accept COVID-positive residents who had been discharged from hospitals, observers are trying to piece together a puzzle involving a fatally mistaken policy, official deception, and a lavish payout contingent on silence — a mystery with political and legal repercussions potentially stretching from Lansing to Washington, D.C.

Critics have alleged that policies sending COVID-positive patients back into the midst of vulnerable elderly populations squeezed together within the close confines of nursing homes created conditions that could hardly be better suited for coronavirus to spread and kill.

Michigan’s policy was administered by Gordon, a career politician who has held positions at the U.S. Department of Education and the Office of Management and Budget. During a May 2020 Michigan Senate Oversight Committee hearing, Gordon himself admitted that he was not confident that the state’s reported total of COVID nursing home deaths at the time was accurate.”

Moreover, when you collect every piece of information, you can see that Whitmer’s situation is terrible.

Furthermore, let’s not forget the new Republican Macomb County DA will press charges against her, too.

If I were her, I’d try to buy a one-way ticket to the Virgin Islands and run from this situation.

However, She will end up behind bars!!!
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