White House YouTube Channel Tracked by a Website – Exposes What They Don’t Want You to See

Joe Biden is the most influential politician in the history of the United States of America, in case you didn’t know.

Yes, that is right…

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This old buffoon, who has essentially been a global joke for his entire career, is more famous than BOTH recent presidents who have actually started huge and impressive political “movements.”

That’s right, Creepy/Sleepy Joe, who can’t form a coherent sentence, hold a rally, or even walk up a flight of stairs, smoked both Obama and Trump to become the most famous and celebrated US politician in history.

Do you think any of that is true?

Obviously not. The majority of people do not. But that’s the nonsense being peddled by Democrats, the media, and big tech.

We’re both aware of the dangers. We’re both aware that this is a complete farce. It’s like being stuck in the middle of a really bad and unfunny Saturday Night Live skit.

But here we are, and while the newspapers, big tech, and Democrats work around the clock to put on this “Truman-like” display, there are signs all over the place that it’s all a hoax.

Only take a look at this new website that tracks the activity on the White House Youtube channel – it blows the lid off the “Truman Show” hoax.

As you might be aware, Youtube has begun to remove “dislikes” from many of Biden’s posts. This isn’t a hidden fact; we’ve all witnessed it. Politifact even spoke about it.

In other words, Youtube claims to be suppressing “spam dislikes.” Okay, that’s it. Yes, absolutely. Wink, wink. *We believe you*

It can’t be because Americans didn’t vote en masse for an establishment buffoon and are now expressing their displeasure – no way.

But, aside from that nonsense, Youtube claims to be able to delete any dislikes they like – well, so that’s probably the “true story” here.

This website, aptly called “81.org” in honor of Biden’s alleged “81 million” votes, keeps track of real likes and dislikes on Biden’s videos.

And what they’ve discovered is much more serious than we know.

There isn’t a single video on YouTube that has more “likes” than “dislikes.”

Take a look at the differences between the likes and the ties. It’s downright huge in some instances.

While Youtube and fact-checkers claim that this is “bot operation,” many people disagree, claiming that it is real people expressing real emotions.

A screenshot of the website can be found here:

According to the website, a president with such a massive and historic victory should have massive and historic support, right?

This isn’t rocket science, after all. People, it’s scientific.

If a candidate is famous, it can show up in a variety of ways, including demonstrations on the ground and online with views and participation.

That is not the case with Biden.

These ludicrous polls (who trusts polls?) are the only “evidence” we have of Joe’s enormous so-called “popularity.” and a media that Americans distrust, gushing about how much everybody loves him.

Sorry, but we need more information – and once we receive it, we will believe the whole situation is a hoax.



Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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