White House Accidentally Revealed The True Puppet Master With Their Latest “Save Biden” Efforts

Telling a whole bunch of lies to cover up a story, makes the story reveal itself even faster, since the lies that have been told continuously have so many holes in their stories, the people can see right true. But the ones telling the lies are obviously blinded by their own stories, they can’t figure this out by themselves…

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If you’re following our page, and the US news continuously, you might be aware that Susan Rice is the “puppet master” holding the strings behind the “Biden Puppet Show” all along. And many whistleblowers, insiders, and other politically influential people have stated the same.

Moderate Dems Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are refusing to go forward with Biden’s communist agenda, and that makes things really difficult to proceed with the mainstream smooth cover-up.

that’s why the WH has decided to bring in the “big guns”, and made this move that revealed much more than that.

According to the Breitbart report,

“The White House deployed Susan Rice to Capitol Hill late Thursday evening to help push President Joe Biden’s agenda through Congress.

Rice, who previously served former President Barack Obama as a national security advisor, now works for Biden as the director of the White House domestic policy council.

Rice joined Counselor to the President Steve Ricchetti, White House Legislative Affairs Director Louisa Terrell, and National Economic Council Director Brian Deese for meetings with Sen. Krysten Sinema (D-AZ) and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) as Biden tries to push $5 trillion in proposed domestic spending through Congress.

Rice and the White House team left the meetings late Thursday night with no deal.”

It’s no secret that Susan Rice is Obama’s closest ally, and just a couple of days ago Nancy Pelosi admitted that Joe was pushing Obama’s agenda.

So, everything has been served to you on a silver platter. You just need to accept this truth, and fight the huge allied “Democrat monster” with all the aces up your sleeve!


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