Whistleblower: Dr. Can’t Treat C-19 Patients With Hydroxychloroquine/ Ivermectin, Many People Will Die!

Doctors can’t treat the patients with Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin.

Now, someone else dictates the treatment of the covid-19 patients, and they don’t allow the usage of the previously mentioned medicines.

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One doctor, a whistleblower, attended Stew Peters’s show.

Now, these doctors face threats of losing their job because the Biden regime forbids these two medicines and instead pushes the vaccination.

The doctor’s name will remain a secret because we don’t want to harm the person who wants to help us. The doctor shared views with a copy of a letter that “unequivocally threatens doctors with the loss of their careers if they should recommend specific COVID treatments.”

They’ve said spreading any misinformation or disinformation is grounds for suspension or revocation of their medical license,” said Steve. “Being specifically vague doesn’t help anyone. But it leaves them open for lots of latitude on how they want to determine whether you’re providing care within their supposed guidelines. Of course, they will always change.”

“So, it’s hard to put that down on the same token to say ‘if you spread misinformation or disinformation with no definition, but ‘if you do that, you will be up for revocation or suspension of your license, and you’ll be out of practice,’” he added.

According to him, the fact that doctors are punished for treating C-19 with alternative drugs, then is a disservice due to the documented effectiveness of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.

“A doctor who prescribed what they thought was best for their patient, in accordance with their Hippocratic oath, prescribed Ivermectin. That doctor has now been warned or advised that disciplinary action is imminent, and they have been gagged, prohibited from telling anybody about this?” the radio host asked.

“Right,” the doctor replied. “So they’re under investigation by the board. They’re having to take lots of spare time that they have, which of course they don’t have, to prepare their position statement to defend themselves back to the board on their use of that medication, and it’s totally appropriate that they chose to do that. That’s really been their oath, to do the best for their patients, and they have the prescribing authority to do so, or at least they did.”

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