Whispers Of Hemorrhagic Fever Virus For Which There Is Already An Approved Vaccine

According to medical reports, “people are bleeding from their eyes!”

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COVID has had an immense effect on every single aspect of life, well-being, and economy on the entire planet.

In America alone, businesses went under, the economy struggled, and people saw their savings dwindle to nothing as the lockdowns and mandates continued. But through it all, COVID-19 appeared to be impossible to defeat as the protocols did nothing and Pfizer’s drug had little impact on the virus.

Still, Biden’s admin tries to pull forth the “relief bill” that was supposed to make everything better?!

I’m not seeing any results. In fact – it’s quite the opposite.

And not only in the world of economy and business.

In human health also.

Thus, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny recently expressed concerns about a new virus being discussed among governments that could lead to a massive wave of restrictions and mandates.

Speaking with Alex Jones of Info Wars, Dr. Tenpenny said that when she attended a CDC meeting in Atlanta, the main focus wasn’t on COVID-19 or the steps to prevent more spread, but on Ebola.

The doctor added, “All they’re gonna have to do is show a few stock images of people bleeding from their eyes or having other sorts of hemorrhagic type of problems, where they’ll be able to bring the people to their knees again and say, ‘Well, guess What? We already have this Ebola vaccine and it’s already been approved.’”

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