While Others Looked on, an Elderly Woman Was Allegedly Beaten by a Walmart Employee

A 70-year-old Wisconsin lady claims all she wanted was to speed up the checkout lines at Walmart.

Instead, she claims she was beaten while no one intervened.

According to WDJT-TV in Milwaukee, Jazareia Velasquez, 17, was charged with aggravated violence on an elderly person and disorderly conduct in the incident last week.

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“Would you ever anticipate a 70-year-old to be beaten up by a young Walmart employee?” In an interview with WITI-TV, P.K. Shader posed the question.

“And who would do such a thing?” I’m not sure. And why no one helped, especially in a Walmart shop, is even more perplexing,” Shader told WDJT.
In Fulton County, there is a lot of fraud.

Shader asked a store clerk if there was anything that could be done to speed up the checkout lines during a visit to the store.

She told WITI, “The young woman I spoke with started yelling at me, asking if I wanted to work there, if I needed a job there.”

Shader attempted to talk with a management and went to photograph the employee’s ID in order to denounce her.

She told WDJT that the experience then turned into a nightmare.

“She lost her mind. Shader said, “She flew, and she punched me in the face with her fist after fist after fist after fist after fist after fist after fist after fist after fist after fist after fist after fis

“There’s no way I’m walking into Walmart again,” she declared.

Shader was irritated that no one came to her aid while she was being assaulted.

“What if it was your grandmother?” says the narrator. What if it turned out to be your mother? You can’t simply yell “Stop” or call the cops?” she stated

Shader claimed that the store was aware that the employee posed a threat.

“The bosses were well aware that she was a loose cannon. The first one remained silent. The second one confirmed my suspicions. So, why did they keep such an employee? That’s a larger issue than a lack of security,” she explained.

Shader stated that she is going public with her story so that onlookers will do more than just watch.

“All I want to say is get out your phone. Allow someone to take a break. “No one is asking you to go in and get wounded, but take out your phone and photograph it while yelling, ‘Call the cops,’” she said.


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