When Biden Tries to Explain Why Non-Vaccinated/Non-Tested Migrants are Flooding Across the Border, he Fails Miserably

Joe Biden was caught in yet another Peter Doocy snare today, and it didn’t end well.

As you may be aware, we’ve been told that this “Delta Variant” is the worst thing to strike the United States since COVID. We’ve been advised that we may have to go into lockdown once more, and that the vaccination isn’t working (or is it?). To be honest, no one can keep up with this administration’s propaganda any longer.

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But one thing I do know is that I’m meant to be terrified of this Delta business, as well as the mask-up, social distancing, and other nonsense. But I’m not expected to question why the Biden administration is letting tens of thousands of untested/unvaccinated people to enter the country.

Huh? What’s the deal with that?

That is just what Peter Doocy wanted to know during today’s press conference, and it appears to have caught Biden off surprise because his response was another another jumbled-up word salad that made no sense at all.

The following is a link to a video:

Some of the online remarks are as follows:

“But they are coming here without any form of identification. Are you telling me they have vaccine passports? He is letting them in and releasing them strategically.”

“The most humane thing to do is to step down Joe, this is getting ridiculous.”

“Elder abuse”

“If he’s still fake Prez in even 2 years, I quit.”

“Why do they let him speak hahahaha”

“Word salad extraordinaire. What a joke. They have no answer for that one. None.”

“Garbled nothingness”

“His handlers couldn’t fit that answer on the flash cards” 

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