When a ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Supreme Court Justice Tests Positive For Covid, Everyone Has One Question

The media’s frantic claims of elites, celebrities, or sportsmen testing positive with Covid-19, whether or not they were “completely vaccinated,” are starting to lose their shock value.

Breathless stories of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh being “completely vaccinated” filled the Internet on Friday, but were met with a collective yawn.

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“Despite being vaccinated, Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh tested positive for the coronavirus, the Supreme Court revealed Friday.”

Of course, “fully vaccinated” Americans testing positive for Covid-19 is nothing new, since ‘breakthrough cases’ continue to emerge, demonstrating that vaccines are failing to protect against the disease.

The statement continued, “He shows no symptoms and has been fully vaccinated since January.” According to the article, the other justices had all tested negative as of last Monday, and Kavanaugh had also tested negative on that day.

“The new term of the court begins on Monday. The story stated, “It was not immediately obvious how Kavanaugh’s positive [sic] test may hinder his participation.”

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However, Americans cannot be assured that the test isn’t a “false positive,” as Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro, previous co-hosts of ABC’s “The View,” apparently tested positive before an interview with Kamala Harris, only to report that it was a “false positive.”

Jack Posobiec remarked, “He’ll be OK.”

One user said, “I still don’t understand why individuals are getting tested when they aren’t sick.” “It’s a blunder.”

“Why do we continue to test folks who have no symptoms?” Another person inquired, “What’s the reasoning?”

One commenter wondered, “Why do you folks continually getting tested for a virus you’ve already been immunized against?” “Do you get Small Pox tests on a regular basis?”

“Why are persons who have been properly vaccinated and have no symptoms being tested for Covid? Unless the vaccine fails, I can understand. “Perhaps that is the issue,” someone speculated.

“Again, why are we testing vaxxed people if the shots work?” “I’m still perplexed,” stated another.

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“Darn it!” exclaims the narrator. One person responded, “I thought those jabs worked.” “Oh, and the [email protected] doesn’t protect you from getting it or spreading it… Whoa.”

One person remarked, “Why would someone be tested if they have no symptoms and are vaccinated?”

“Why the hell was he tested if he was vaccinated and had no symptoms?” one commentator wondered. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

It doesn’t make any sense. It won’t stop the media from trying to create hysteria about a “completely vaccinated” prominent person testing positive for Covid, especially one who liberals appear to want dead.

“I can’t say what I actually want to say on Twitter without having to deactivate my account. So, I’ll just leave it to everyone’s imagination,” Dr. Antiracist ReproductiveRights ReclaimPatriotism, a “classy” liberal, observed.

Another said, “If ever there was a time and need for a breakthrough case, this is it.”

A liberal said, “Though rare, fully vaccinated people sometimes die from covid-19.” “Perhaps the country will strike it rich.”

Many on the left can’t help but wish death on everyone they disagree with, much like when Donald Trump tested positive for Covid and fought it despite being unvaccinated and in his 70s. One thing Covid has proven is that many lefties are illiterate, spiteful, and hateful.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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