What’s Is The Matter With Windham’s Election Audit?

Granite Grok received an update from New Hampshire activist Ken Eyring on the recount in Windham, New Hampshire.

The preliminary findings of the forensic audit of the voting machines in Windham, New Hampshire, as configured on November 3, 2020, indicate that the ageing Diebold ES2000 Model A voting machines cannot be trusted.

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By implication, the elections around the state of New Hampshire may be affected.

And, based on the behavior and demeanor of high-ranking government officials from the Attorney General’s office during the first few days of the audit, I have a long list of questions that I’ll discuss in a separate article.

But, for the time being, let’s concentrate on the provisional results of the vote totals obtained by running all of the ballots from Windham’s November 3, 2020, via all of Windham’s four machines as configured on November 3rd.

The results of the Rockingham District 7 State Representative election are shown in the first table and graph. This is the race that prompted the recount that resulted in the state’s largest unexplained numerical difference.

The audit results for each machine differ significantly from those produced on 11/3/20. The audit findings are similar to those of the hand recount, which took place on 11/12/20 and was supervised by the Secretary of State’s office.

Another concerning finding is that when the results of each candidate are compared through each computer after the audit, there is a variance of between 2 and 44 votes. There is just a 2 vote gap between all four machines for Ioana Singureanu, but a huge 44 vote difference between AccuVote #2 and AccuVote #4 for Bob Lynn. In every election, a possible mistake of 44 votes is unreasonable because it could result in the wrong person being declared the winner and sworn into office.

Regardless of the results of the hand recount, it appears that it is time to retire the obsolete Diebold machines. On election night, I agree that hand-counting every vote should be considered.

Any computer that counts 5,500 votes and has a 44 vote error depending on the day is unreliable.

These robots aren’t any better than second-graders at counting ballots.

In the four recounts, Republican Bob Lynn saw a 44-vote gap, according to multiple audits.
In the four devices, Democrat Ioana Singureanu saw a two-vote gap.

This is unacceptable, and proof that the machines should be scrapped, as Ken said.


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