What Is The 25-Years-Old Secret That “Friends” Shared During Their Reunion?

The remarkable reunion of the renowned TV sitcom Friends caused a storm on social media from its premiere on May 27. It is the first time since the original cast has gotten together after the show’s end in 2004. The reunion included a talk about the series creation.

In the flashback talk, one long-kept secret was revealed. Matt LeBlanc, a star actor, faced a traumatic accident on September 26, 1996. That has happened during the episode ‘’The One Where Nobody’s Ready.’’ In the accident, he had a severe injury, so that he couldn’t appear in several next episodes.

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They had to film a scene where Joey and Chandler were fighting for a chair when the incident happened.

Everything occurred when the actor made the error of leaping on the chair. He ended up in hospital by paramedics and pain. Reported the New York Post.

“I somehow tripped—and my shoulder came out of the socket,” LeBlanc said.

You have probably noticed that the majority of the episodes require an entire cast. Well, precisely this episode is filmed only on one location, without traveling, and the appearance of the guests wasn’t planned.

“It happened to be the one episode where it was just the six of them, all in it—so we couldn’t film other scenes,” said David Crane. He also added that he thought this would be the easiest episode to film, but it didn’t turn out that way.

In order to cover the injury, the screenwriters gave him an arm sling, misleading the audience that he injured himself by jumping on the bed.

The rest of the cast said that everything happened on an unusual day. For example, every day, they huddled prior to filming, but it wasn’t the same that day.

Furthermore, LeBlanc has been sidelined by an ailment that stopped him from filming.

During the reunion, the star explained he broke his nose.

“A huge chunk of meat came off my nose,” he said. “[I thought], ‘Oh my God, I have to go in for the big callback,’ and it’s a big ugly scab on my nose, and [co-creator] Marta Kauffman said, ‘What happened to your face?’ I told the truth—and got the job.”

Once the series ended, the Friends cast kept the secret from the fans for two decades.

The BL NZ Herald

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