What Biden Says About Russian Sanctions Leaves Everyone Scratching Their Heads

Because it makes absolutely no sense at all!

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We know that he’s against the America First movement. But why does he want to replace it with a kind of “America Last”?

Just to be so contrary and further from President Trump’s ideas?

Here’s more from the original report published by Red Voice Media.

“With the Russian invasion in Ukraine continuing for over a month, world leaders descended on Brussels, Belgium, for an emergency summit of NATO to discuss a new round of sanctions against President Vladimir Putin and help those displaced by the war. Key moments of the summit included Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky calling for more air defence and military assistance. There were also talks about a no-fly zone. But among NATO, the European Council, and the G7, it appeared the person most confused as to what was going on was none other than the current President of the United States, Joe Biden.”

“Having no other option but to take questions, President Biden seemed confused and startled when a reporter declared that the deterrents, sanctions, placed against Putin didn’t work. The woman continued by asking Biden what made him believe a new wave of sanctions would cause Putin to change course. As can be seen below, the President fumbled his words before claiming sanctions never deter, leaving the entire room wondering why they were in the first place. ”

Take a look:

RumbleRed Voice Media

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