What Are Your Thoughts on the Arizona Audit?

Dave @ Praying Medic recently shared some excellent insights on the Arizona Audit, which I found to be very insightful.

I don’t agree with everything, but I thought the most of it was fantastic and wanted to share it with you.

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And now I’m going to offer you his posts in their entirety.

Part One:

Observations on the Arizona Audit

Some thought that the Arizona audit would show that hundreds of thousands of votes were cast illegally in the 2020 election. They were expecting evidence that Donald Trump had won the election. The Arizona audit would never be able to alter the national election results. The audit was not intended for that purpose.
If you’re disappointed, it’s probably because you had unrealistic expectations in the first place.

The audit report fulfilled all of my expectations. Ben Cotton’s revelation of illegal conduct on behalf of individuals who administer Maricopa County’s Dominion Election Management System was the most important lesson. Cotton demonstrated that the technology connects to the internet and enables for remote access.

Cotton’s presentation was damaging because the election management system is handled by Dominion. Dominion maintains offices at the Maricopa County Election Center, according to former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes, and the county employs two full-time Dominion contractors to manage the system. If Dominion controls the system, they will almost certainly face criminal charges.

Any county that employs Dominion Voting Systems should consider auditing their election after hearing the information provided yesterday. Cotton’s contribution of evidence of illegal activity was the cherry on top.

AG Brnovich issued a statement an hour before the report was released, saying, “I will take all necessary steps.”

Brnovich has enough motivation to bring those who broke the law to justice. States that employ Dominion systems now have an uphill road in arguing that an audit is not required.

Part Two:

Part 2 of my thoughts on the Arizona audit – Dominion

The Maricopa audit’s most crucial finding may be that Dominion Voting Systems’ hardware and software are a cybersecurity nightmare. In a leaked conversation, outgoing Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri confessed that Dominion is a radioactive brand. Even if no genuine faults with their election management system were discovered, public trust in Dominion has been shattered, and it is unlikely that it will ever be restored.

Because Dominion administers Maricopa’s election operations through its own contractors, any fallout from the Attorney General’s probe might harm Dominion’s reputation. As Dominion’s reputation deteriorates, anyone who uses its gear or software will face increased scrutiny and criticism.

The company’s name will have to be dropped at some time, and they’ll be renamed, like they have in the past. However, because their election administration systems are built on similar design, the harm to Dominion is expected to spread to ES&S and Smartmatic. Since Dominion machines were outlawed, the forensic audit in Texas should be interesting.

The Board of Supervisors, as we expected, may not be the greatest losers from the Maricopa audit. In the long term, Dominion and other electoral system makers may be the most harmed.

Part 3, which is by far the greatest, is as follows:

Part 3 of my thoughts on the Arizona audit: What Happens Next?

Five distinct institutions have the power to take corrective action and address the wrongs that occurred during the election last November.


The FBI and the Department of Justice have the authority to investigate election-related criminal behavior. There is little prospect that they will act under Merrick Garland’s leadership.

Congress of the United States of America

If states decertify their electors and demand a recount of electoral votes, the US Congress may have a chance to act. Although some people, such as Wendy Rogers, wish for this to happen, I have little faith in Nancy Pelosi’s willingness to enable such a recount in the House.

Legislative bodies in states

Audits are being conducted by several state legislatures, and I expect more to follow suit in the future. A state legislative body might choose to decertify Biden electors and certify Trump electors if it concluded that a fraudulent election was declared. That is a possibility in Arizona, but there are challenges to overcome.

The Arizona legislature is now on recess and is unlikely to convene again this calendar year. Once the House and Senate are back in session, a motion to decertify the election could be introduced. Although the House and Senate have a tight power balance and no room for defectors, RINOs like Paul Boyer are unlikely to vote for decertification. As a result, I’m not bullish about any legislative body’s chances of successfully decertifying its election, given the prevalence of RINOs in state legislatures around the country. Even if a state were to decertify its electors, it would require action from the US Congress, which is improbable.

A judge might reverse election results and name the second-place finisher as the winner or order a new election if a case was brought before them. This, I feel, has a fair possibility of happening. However, the outcome of the national election would not be affected if a state election was declared invalid. That would necessitate either congressional action or a Supreme Court judgment nullifying or reversing the national election results, both of which appear implausible.

Military Personnel
Because civilian authorities will eventually prove unwilling or incapable to make things right, the military will have little choice but to act, in my opinion. I’m not going to speculate.


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