What Are The Two Messages From Civil Rights Attorney Leo Terrell To Chauvin Judge After Waters’s Incident?

Leo is the best person for this job!

Leo Terrell, Civil rights Attorney, interjected what Chauvin Judge Peter Cahill declared about Maxine Waters.

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Maxine in Minneapolis incited an insurrection! We are using the word insurrection as the Dems defined it! Precisely that Maxine did in Minneapolis!

The AP shared a piece of writing about Judge Cahill’s comment on Maxine Waters.

“The judge overseeing the trial of a former Minneapolis police officer in the death of George Floyd on Monday called recent comments by U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters “abhorrent,” saying they could lead to a verdict being appealed and overturned.”

He wasn’t satisfied that he didn’t declare a mistrial. Moreover, below you can read what Leo Terrell tweeted: “Bravo for the judge for chastising Maxine Waters. Shame on the judge for not granting a mistrial.”


However, next, you will read the comments about what Maxine did to interfere with the trial.

“Maxine Waters goes to a district that isn’t even hers, opens her fat useless mouth, and blows up any chance at a fair trial and a resolution. Hilarious. Horrible, but kind of hilarious. Everyone who’s part of that trial deserves better.”

“She knows better, or at least she should. It’s time for her cancellation, thanking her for her service”

“She figures Rev Al can’t have all the high profile race blackmail fun”

“How else is she gonna get her hands on the BLM money.  That’s like Bitcoin to her.”

“US citizens deserve better. This lady is a complete dipshit.”

“I hope like hell that Maxine Waters bit off more than she could chew this time.”

“Maxine Waters is better than the KKK at getting black neighborhoods destroyed.”

Is this the drop that will spill Maxine’s glass?


GOP leadership reaction was feeble because they will censor it, and Pelosi tells Maxine that she shouldn’t even apologize!

Democrats have the power to do whatever they want, and GOP will go back to groveling!

AP News Wayne Dupree Twitter

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