Wharton Study Reveals How Much ‘Build Back Better’ REALLY Costs!

And it seems that Joe and his Handlers are in deep trouble!

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The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania will reportedly issue a study Wednesday that reveals President Joe Biden’s reconciliation package will not be free, although the White House has claimed it would cost “zero” dollars.

The study estimated an extra $2.42 trillion in debt that the American taxpayers will be burdened with!

According to the report published by Punchbowl News,

“Wharton analysis says the BBB is not completely paid for– it would increase spending by $1.87 trillion while increasing revenue by $1.56 trillion in the 10-year budget window. And if all of the programs besides the clean energy credit become permanent, that would increase new spending by $3.98 trillion while revenue would only increase by $1.56 trillion.

The estimate of Biden’s package is likely to turn the heads of lawmakers, some of whom are pushing for the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to score the legislation before a vote is held on the measure this week.

“Moderate” Democrats are particularly interested in the scoring of the legislation. Members of Blue Dog Coalition have requested a hold on the passage of the legislation “until we have had a chance to review these scores which provide the true cost of the legislation.”

Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL), also has many concerns she relayed Wednesday. “I believe that we need to take a vote on the infrastructure bill as soon as possible. And I think when it comes to the BBB, we need to have some time to be able to review it — the CBO and JCT tables — to understand how much spending and how much revenue is in the package,” she wrote.


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