WH Source About Biden’s Admin Talks Behind The Scene Regarding The Stranded Americans In Afghanistan

Reporter Jack [osobiec has obviously discovered a golden well inside the White House. And, according to his first-handed statement, you’re not going to like Biden’s Admin’s attitude towards the stranded Americans in Afghanistan.

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Sure, they should burn because of being so reckless – it’s your American brothers and sisters trapped there, while you’re enjoying your beautiful morning cappuccino! Well, on the other side, I can understand this type of behavior – they’re “under Biden’s leadership”.

There IS NO leadership…

“Reports indicate that some of these poor people have been on the plane for days.

And yet, the White House is back to “business as usual,” as if nothing’s wrong – it’s clear that they want to put anything “Afghanistan-related” behind them.

It’s a political loser for Joe Biden, so you can bet that he doesn’t want to talk about it – which is bad news for the stranded people there fighting for their lives.”

According to Jack’s source, the White House has “moved on.”

The saddest part – after its went out in public, they’re trying to cover it, making up more excuses like how there were not more than about 30 Americans In Afghanistan (once again it was a debunked statement), then, that they were warned 18 months ago and DIDN’T WANT TO LEAVE?!

Okay, yeah, sure… They really wanted to stay in Afghanistan with their families and friends back in America… but hey – they can not reply!

It’s like accusing a dead man… at least for the moment.., But let’s hope they’re back safe and sound and debunk all these silly Democrats huge lies and send them to their resting place – outside of our country’s politics!!!


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