“We’re Going To Do It Alone!” Bernie Sanders Told Republicans If They Don’t Get Onboard On Climate & Health Care!!!

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Tuesday night. During his attendance there, he shared some ongoing and upcoming events.

Firstly, he said that they prepare legislation on “the need to transform our energy system, create millions of good-paying jobs, combating climate change, and rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure.”

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Bernie directed a firm decision to Republicans, saying that if they don’t come on board on climate and health care, they will still chase their idea and do it independently!

According to Bernie Sanders, the reconciliation package is in the first place. That means that working families need to receive help for the emergencies they face. Dealing with these emergencies is on their next week’s schedule.

Bernie also said that they must open millions of jobs with high salaries, and he thinks that with the transformation of the energy system, they will reach the goal. Around 10% of the workforce currently is unemployed! People must come back to work, and the salaries must be good!

Senator continued his speech:

“I think what you’re seeing right now is, we are reaching out to Republicans and saying, look if you want to rebuild our infrastructure, come on aboard. You want to lower the cost of prescription drugs, you want to provide health care to all people, you want to raise the minimum wage in this country? We’d love to have you,”

If Republicans think they aren’t ready for this enormous step, Bernie and his team will move forward anyway.

Secondly, he stated that they already have 50 votes and the vice president. They are strong enough on their own, and they can do it in the Senate.

In the interview that Senator Bernie Sanders had with Jimmy Kimmel, he harshly attacked the Republicans and made a point of attacking them at large.

In his opinion, many Republicans are decent people, devoted fathers, and husbands. Especially under Trump, the country was moving very far from reality! Many of his colleagues can’t believe that Trump lost the elections! It is illogical!

Take a look at the video! –Interview with Jimmy Kimmel.


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