We Live In The Pandemic Of The Vaccinated! Studies Show That C-19 Shots Make People Ill

We live in the pandemic of the vaccinated, and the new evidence shows that C-19 shots cause more illness than they prevent. Three months since the Pfizer rollout, the vaccinated people are 76.5 more likely to contract covid.

Two studies show that after a short period of moderate protection, the experimental coronavirus shot makes people sicker and are more prone to contract the virus.

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The first study released on MedRXiv by a team of researchers in Denmark shows that the shots give no protection against the virus.

‘’ After just three months, fully vaccinated individuals begin to experience sharp negative protection. Researchers found that those who received the Pfizer vaccine were an astounding 76.5% more likely to have a breakthrough infection than their unvaccinated counterparts once 90 days had passed – those who received Moderna’s were 39.3% more likely.’’ The study shows.

The spreaders of the Omicron variant are the vaccinated population.

Those who had taken a complete two-dose vaccination and a booster were counted as vaccinated in the study,

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If that wasn’t enough proof that this is the pandemic of the vaccinated, the Canadian C-19 care alliance, a non-profit government watchdog group of independent health care professionals, released a separate report with the same conclusions.

‘’The CCCA team of experts also found that the Pfizer vaccine had serious negative protection against Covid, and so much so that they concluded the “vaccine causes more harm than good.” The study shows.

The CCA Panel analyzed Pfizer’s final vaccine report from December 31, 2020. The report shows inoculations were safe and effective and showed a robust 95% efficacy seven days after the second dose.

“The claim was that the inoculations were safe and showed 95% efficacy seven days after the 2nd dose. But that 95% was actually Relative Risk Reduction. Absolute Risk Reduction was only 0.84%.”

The CCCA reported:

“Pfizer’s most recent report indicates an Efficacy of 91.3%. (Which means a reduction in positive cases compared to placebo group.)

But it also showed, compared to the placebo group, an increase in illness and deaths.

There is no benefit to a reduction in cases if it comes at the cost of increased sickness and death.”

Severe adverse events were up by 75% in the trial vaccinated group.

More people died in the vaccinated group, 20 out of 34. The CCCA panel revealed many corrupted practices that were used when Pfizer compiled their report.

Instead, to focus on the trials on the target population who could most benefit from a C-19 vaccine, Pfizer chose participants from younger demographic that would be ‘’ a) less likely to need a vaccine, b) less likely to suffer an adverse event during a trial, c) more likely to respond well to a vaccine, than the elderly who need protection against this virus.’’

Because Pfizer unblended their clinical trial groups early, they are unable to produce relevant long-term safety data because they can’t control the group for reference anymore.

At the beginning of 2021, all the people in the study had been vaccinated.

Dr. Robert Malone was suspended from Twitter for sharing the CCA report early today.

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