We Just Won A Major Battle Over The Second Amendment

Right now, David Chipman is undoubtedly having a horrible day…..

When Biden declared that he wanted to name Chipman the head of the ATF, the left-wing radical made headlines; thankfully, those plans were shelved owing to bipartisan opposition.

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According to sources, Chipman’s nomination will be withdrawn by the White House…..

This is a significant victory for us; Chipman’s actions would have basically turned us into Australia, which no one wants.

The fact that the opposition came not only from us, but from people all over the island, gives me hope for America: we haven’t fully lost our heads yet:

More on the story can be found at Just The News:

The nominee, a former ATF special agent and current gun control lobbyist, was quickly questioned about his outspoken anti-firearm stances after his nomination.

Senators from both parties in the evenly divided chamber signaled to the Biden administration that they did not support Chipman’s nomination, and it was uncertain if he would have passed a confirmation vote.

Breitbart reported on Donald Trump Jr.’s and the NRA’s successful efforts to counter Chipman:

On July 13, 2021, Trump Jr. redoubled his efforts against Chipman, pushing Democrat senators from red and purple states to vote no on Chipman’s confirmation vote this week–and urging the public to join in the fight by pressuring senators to vote no.

The National Rifle Association and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, as well as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and others, have all opposed Chipman’s nomination and confirmation.

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