Wayne Root Figured The C-19 Vaccine Scam Out!

The world is in the middle of a massive scam and get-rich-quick Ponzi scheme. People will call this a mass murder on a grand scale, so people have to open their eyes and don’t trust anyone! You can see how famous actors, politicians, and athletes are dying due to heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots!

Famous Americans are dropping like flies, and this isn’t a coincidence! Something has to be investigated!

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Life insurance executives report that non-C-19 deaths are 40% up across the US!

C-19 pandemic is real; it’s a flu pandemic, but it isn’t the first, and it won’t be the last! Americans are sick again with COVID. The worst thing is that those who get the C-19 virus are triple vaccinated.

What if a person gets infected with the virus, even though he had taken three shots against it? Would you consider the shot successful or a failure?

It’s easy to see.

Biden, the Democrats, Dr. Fauci, and the CDC say that the shot is successful, but they say it only because they benefit from it. They still promote the shots, even though they kill people.

Root shared that one close friend of his thought he had a heart attack and asked Root to drive him to the hospital in Las Vegas. The friend remained in the hospital for 22 hours, got the battery of tests, and passed them with flying colors. The doctors didn’t see any suspicious things. It wasn’t a heart attack, so it must have been a “panic attack.” It’s so because of his perfect health.

Two weeks later, for 22 hours in a hospital, with no treatments, the bill was $115,000.

The bill may be a cause of a real heart attack. It’s shocking that 22 hours in a hospital could cost the patients $115,000.

This is why the media still pushes for the C-19 virus and the vaccine. The Big Pharma companies and all others involved got rich quickly with this Ponzi scheme.

The pandemic turned Americans into paranoid hypochondriacs and hospital junkies.

“If it bleeds, it leads.” The more deaths on the first page of the newspapers, the more papers they will sell. It’s the same with everything else.

$115,000 for a healthy person in a hospital for 22 hours; imagine the bill for a person who is actually sick, and they have to be in the hospital.

Due to the C-19 hysteria, now people are afraid, so they go to the hospital for every cold, cough, fever, or sneeze.

People are poor, and they can’t pay that much money to the already rich idiots.

Those who are involved in this fraud are getting rich very quickly, including hospitals, doctors, Big Pharma, ventilator makers, mask makers, etc.

Panic sells!

“I haven’t even mentioned all the Americans experiencing heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, and advanced cancer directly from the Covid vaccine itself. See the VAERS list. Literally, hundreds of thousands of Americans have gotten sick, crippled, permanently disabled, or died as a direct result of the Covid vaccine. That’s not my opinion; it’s all spelled out in the VAERS report (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).” Root stated.

Also, there are a lot of treatments effective against the virus-like Ivermectin and HCQ. Why doesn’t the government allow them to be used? Because it will end the pandemic, and they won’t be able to sell and make money fast.

These remedies make miracles.

“But you’ve never heard about any of these studies, right? That’s because none of them have ever been featured in the mainstream media. We have experienced a total media blackout of the drugs and vitamins that actually work against Covid- and they happen to be inexpensive too.

This same media claims over one million Americans died from Covid- yet they’ve blacked out, whitewashed, and covered up the only therapeutics that work effectively. And to top it off, at the exact same time, they refuse to cover all the deaths and injuries from the product they’re pushing- the vaccine- that clearly doesn’t work.” Root explained.

We all know that everything is a big exaggeration, and the government wants to scare us to death. Americans know that the shots don’t work; in fact, they are harmful. The lockdowns, mask mandates, school closures, and business closures actually didn’t do anything! They only weakened our economy and made people miserable!

Why don’t they only confess they were wrong, and let’s all close this book!

“Let me tell you another story that explains it all. Years ago, a trusted friend and employee of mine (let’s call him “Phil”) stole $1,000 cash from my office. I knew in every bone in my body it was him. He was the only one near my office during the lunch break. He always went out to lunch, but not on the one day the money went missing.

He was in a desperate situation and needed the money.

Most telling of all, as Shakespeare would say, “He doth protest too much.” That was the real tip-off. He was over-the-top hysterical at the mere thought of me asking him about the crime. He was crying, screaming, begging, banging the table, pacing back and forth like a madman. He swore over and over again he didn’t do it; he swore on his mother’s grave. He feigned disbelief that his friend (me) could ever accuse him of such a thing. His reaction was so over-the-top that I knew he did it. Nobody innocent would react like that.” Root explained.

The friend added, “Remember that missing $1,000 from 25 years ago? You were right. I stole it. I was so desperate. But once I lied to you and swore I didn’t do it and acted so offended and outraged at the mere idea of you accusing me, I was in so deep; there was no going back. My lie was just too big. I had to stick to my story. I’m sorry. I’ve carried this burden for 25 years. I just needed to find you and call you and confess. I’m so sorry.”

The lie is too big, and the results are a catastrophe!

Root continued,” They wanted to believe in the vaccines (and the masks, and the lockdowns, and the small business closures). They wanted to believe they could “do good,” while getting filthy rich. They wanted to believe the vaccines worked. They wanted to believe they were saving lives. They wanted to believe they were heroes. They wanted desperately to believe anyone who called the vaccine dangerous or deadly was spreading “misinformation” and had to be stopped. They convinced themselves they had to censor, ban, and terminate anyone who disagreed or dissented from “the company storyline.”

In conclusion, he stated,” And like my friend who stole the $1,000, once they went far down this road, and sold their souls, there was no going back. They were in too deep. To admit it was all a lie, a deception, a fraud, a “get-rich-quick” scheme, a Bernie Madoff Ponzi- scheme, means they are guilty of massive crimes against humanity. To even admit they made a mistake, or they were wrong, or they were duped, or they were greedy, and now they regret it, is to admit they misled the world, and they are complicit in millions of deaths and injuries across the globe.”

”It’s not like they can wake up one day and just say, “Oops, I made a mistake. I was wrong. This was just the flu. All the lockdowns, masks, vaccines, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, business closures, school closures, hundred-thousand-dollar, and million-dollar medical bills, we’re all for nothing. I’m sorry. Can we have a do-over?””

”Ask my friend Phil. That’s not easy to do or say. Not when the issue is $1,000 theft, let alone when the issue is millions of deaths and injuries worldwide, trillions of dollars in business losses and medical expenses, millions of jobs and careers destroyed, millions of businesses closed, dreams shattered, and society in shambles.””

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