Wayne A. Root Response To The New York Times!

’’Hello, Mr. Root,

I am a media reporter with The New York Times. My colleague and I are working on a story about false or misleading vaccine misinformation in the audio space…You have said on Facebook that the vaccine “doesn’t work” and is “a complete failure.” Do you have any comments?’’

Do you want to heat the response of Wayne Allyn Root to the NYT? 

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Of course, there’s a comment. What you will read is based on science and facts. 

The VAERS is currently the only scientific source of deaths and injuries from any vaccine, including the C-19. It’s not ours, and it doesn’t have any ties to politics. It is an independent one! 

The VAERS system is a science-based reporting system that our government and the CDC provided us. Only that way can we track the deaths, crippling injuries, and side effects from the vaccine. It’s present for many decades. 

No one has ever ignored the VAERS report before, and the Biden administration is the first one to do such a thing. 

We claim that it is a unique and reliable source of information. 

According to this report, we have more than 17,000 Americans dead from the vaccine. They have died due to strokes, heart attacks, and blood clots. More than 800,000 were injured, and the majority were hospitalized (approximately 83,000). Some of them struggle with life-threatening diseases (18,000), and more than 26,000 are permanently disabled. 

It can’t be misleading by anyone in the media. The VAERS data isn’t misleading, and no one could ignore those numbers. 

The deaths reported at VAERS are higher than all the vaccines’ reports from the past 30 years together. The numbers have increased in 10 months. It is a fact, and that can’t be misleading. 

A couple of times in American history, the med community has canceled a vaccine program over a small number of deaths. The first rule is ‘’physician do not harm’’. 

No one could ever imagine that one vaccine could cause 17,000 deaths and more than 800,000 side reactions. 

The official VAERS numbers aren’t approved by the MSM and social media, among which is the New York Times. They call these numbers misleading information. 

Many studies have been done, particularly in UK and Israel. 

  1. It is, in fact, failing miserably- a huge majority of recent cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are double vaxxed. FACT. 
  2. Cases are slightly higher in countries with higher vaccination rates and slightly lower in countries with lower vaccination rates.

These are facts, also credible and scientific information from studies from around the world. 

We question the vaccines and are concerned about the deaths and injuries directly from the vaccines. The NYT shared that what we have reported is misleading, and that way, you will understand their definition of science. 

Science definition is asking questions and debate. 

If you aren’t asking questions, you are naïve, gullible, blind, deaf, and dumb! 

Wayne is a graduate of Columbia University, and he is the best critical thinker. What you have read above was a summarize of his response to the NY Times. 

Once he sent the answer, the VAERS reported that 77% of C-19 deaths in Illinois were among the vaccinated population. Ireland also faces a massive C-19 outbreak even the country has a 91% vaccination rate. 

The Gateway Pundit Creators lew rock well

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